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शहीदों के स्वप्न पूरे करने की कार्ययोजना(योगीज⛳️सेना)

😎👆वीडियो देखने के लिए क्लिक करें।

To know about Yogissena ,first of all we must know about definition of Yogi .A Yogi is the person who is near to God.Near to God? So, Who can always listen sound of soul for any decision.As we all know soul is another form or name of God as our ancient scriptures says. So now we can define a yogi as person who listen the sound of God to take any decision of life not only who wears cloths of sages. They can listen the sound of soul because they are pure hearted so very near to God . As much as person get overflowed by “tamsik” selfishness gets far from God, the listening process of sound of God becomes slow,decisions becomes wrong their journey of life moves towards sin.and results of sin well-known sorrow-illness-lots of physical & mental pains. meditation/ yogasanas /savasana/ Yog nidra /Pranayams & most importantly techniques of “swarth yoga” not only fulfills your all wishes but also makes us free from all kinds of “tamsik” selfishness and reduce distance from sound of soul (God ) though due to unawareness & selfishness so many people ignores sound of soul(God).Each and every alive person is actually a soul but very few persons listens their sound, our sound of soul always alerts not to do wrong things and push us to do right things(punya) but “tamsik”selfishness push us to do always wrong things (sin) this is the real distance between us and God so Yogissena is group of persons(yogis) who listens sound of soul or God. they can be all kind of intellectuals ,philosopher ,poet , socialist ,sages or anybody those who serves society by different manners.

The purpose of yogissena is to spread out and 100% implementation of all government policies on ground level by awareness and physical,legal support and help of our national,state, division, district, region,block, village karyakarinis.because no NGO, trust, society, lonely have potential to serve people like government system but our poor delivery of govt policies & their benifits is huge problem . To remove this blockage and malfunctioning of system, we will organise spiritual(swarth yoga samuhik pooja) & therapeutical camps rallies with participation of targeted policy related departmental officials and stakeholders. Yogissena wants to spread out and 100% implementation of all government policies on ground level with spirituality,health and social harmony through these yogis or intellectuals. because nationwide philosophers and yogis collective brain potential and efforts can make huge difference in country.

Just imagine a philosopher like gandhi Ji or modi Ji can make a big difference in society than what would happen if all philosophical and social brain of country will work together.

Thousands of hidden modi ji and gandhi ji would came out to serve the nation .Yogissena is a effort to give a exposure to such hidden thousands of gandhi ji and modi ji like philosophers and thinkers. Yogissena is a effort to give exposure to each personality who want to do a honest effort to serve the society and nation.
Let’s come together to built the nation better than ever.

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